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Pet Transportation

The following tips are suggested for dog owners driving their pet:

  • For dogs in a car, place the dog in the back seat and lower the window a few inches. Allow the animal enough room to stretch out.
  • Once the dog settles into a spot, tell him to stay put. Repeat the command whenever the dog attempts to move.
  • Keep your car cool when transporting your dog.
  • If the animal will be riding in the bed of a truck, make sure to tether it with a safety harness or a secured crate.

It is not illegal to have a loose dog in the cabin of a car. It is only against the law to transport the dog in an open-bed truck if the dog is not confined or restrained.

To secure your pet, you might consider purchasing a pet seat or dog safety belt. Smaller pets can be placed in carrier bags; larger breeds in crates.

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