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Emergency Status

The Emergency Management Center (EOC) is not currently activated. Learn more about EOC activation levels.

Latest EOC Advisories:

  • Evacuation Orders

    There are no evacuation orders at this time. 

  • Open / Closed Shelters

    There are no shelters open at this time. 

  • Curfews

    There are no curfews at this time. 

  • Transit

    No service impact. 

  • Waste Collection

    No service impact. 

  • Water & Sewer

    No service impact. 

  • Government Offices & Courthouses

    No service impact. 

  • Airports

    No service impact. 

  • Seaports

    No service impact. 

  • Streets, Expressways, Tolls & Bridges

    No service impact. 

  • Beaches & Marinas

    No service impact. 

  • Schools

    Schools are open.

  • Events

    Animal Services is open. 

  • Parks

    Parks are open.

  • Libraries & Museums

    Libraries & Museums are open. 

  • Hospitals & Clinics

    Hospitals & Clinics are open. 

  • Animal Services

    Animal Services is open. 

Stay Connected

911 is for emergencies only

Contact 311

For questions regarding County services and information, and to report problems like price gouging, and downed traffic signs, signals or street lights. The 311 Contact Center can be reached by dialing 311 or 305-468-5900.