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Prepare for the upcoming Primary Election
March 6, 2018 — Elections

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The Primary Election is on August 28, and the day will be here before you know it. Will you be Election Ready?

Register to vote if you haven't done so already. You'll need to be registered by July 30 to be able to vote in that election.

If you're already registered, check your voter information to find out where you'll need to go to vote. You can also use that page to make updates to your voter information and request to receive a vote-by-mail ballot.

As you get closer to the date, find out where you can go to vote early. If voting on Election Day isn't convenient for you, voting early might be a better option.

Read the sample ballot to find out what will be on the ballot on Election Day. Depending on your precinct, your ballot may be different from someone else's ballot. Check your voter information to see the exact ballot you'll see on Election Day.

Always bring a valid photo ID with your name and signature when you go vote.

For more information, read the Voter Information Guide. (Español) (Kreyòl)