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Fight the bite - even in winter
December 28, 2018 — Solid Waste Management

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While the oppressive heat in Miami takes a break in the winter, mosquito breeding unfortunately does not.

Here are some tips to "Fight the Bite" this winter:

  • Use mosquito repellant. Choose a repellant registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), like oil of lemon eucalyptus, which is natural and effective and has a pleasant smell.
  • Eliminate standing water. Mosquitoes are a year-round pest so you need to drain & cover all year long. Scout your property for accumulated water in rain gutters, pots, old tires, etc.
  • Beware of the bromeliad. These decorative plants are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Flush the center of the plant with water or spray the same area with a little oil to prevent hatching. Using larvicide granules containing the naturally-occurring EPA-approved substance called Bacillus thuringiensis israelenis (Bti) also helps to prevent breeding.
  • Protect bird baths and fish ponds. Use larvicide briquettes containing Bti in bird baths and fish ponds.
  • Cover boats properly. Cover vessels with tarps that do not accumulate water.
  • Secure the home. Check screens for gaps and holes to prevent mosquitoes from making themselves 'at home.'

Follow the above steps to enjoy a pest-free winter.

To request a mosquito inspection of your property, call 311, go online to 311direct or use the new Miami-Dade County Solid Waste Management Mobile app.

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