Prepare for hurricane season during the new normal
June 1, 2020 — Fire Rescue

With everyone's attention fixed on COVID-19 these last few months, you could hardly be blamed for overlooking the fact that hurricane season is just around the corner. But if ever there was a year to get an early start on your preparations, 2020 is that year.

Since COVID-19's arrival, so much has changed about the way we go about our daily lives. One thing that's the same year after year is the start of hurricane season, June 1. Here's how get your household ready for storms or any emergency.

For starters, stock up on the things you'll need to have your hurricane kit ready to go. Does your shopping list include face covering, disposable gloves and other protective items? Whether you'll be heading to an evacuation center, staying with friends or family, or sheltering in place, a hurricane supply kit is essential. Hurricane season waits for no one, so the sooner you get started on stocking up, the better, and be sure to practice social distancing while you're out shopping.

Next, work out a plan with your family. Whether you're all together or separated as a storm approaches, have a family talk about how you will remain in contact before and after the storm. Gather contact information for each family member, friends, neighbors and physicians. And remember to plan for your pet too.

Finally, find out if you live in a Storm Surge Evacuation Planning Zone, and if you do, plan for the possibility that you may need to evacuate. Learn everything you need to know about emergency evacuations, and if you have accessibility issues, register for emergency and evacuation assistance. You must register prior to an emergency to receive assistance when it's needed.

While you can't put a price on peace of mind, you can protect your most valuable asset with a Dade County Federal Credit Union hurricane assistance loan to shore up your home, or get emergency funds after a storm strikes.

To learn more about preparing for hurricane season, check out Miami-Dade County's 2020 Official Hurricane Readiness Guide.

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