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Waste Tire Generator or Hauler Permit

A Waste Tire Generator Permit is required for anyone principally or partially engaged in the selling, trading or otherwise transferring of new, used or waste tires, whether such transactions are for cash, barter or without consideration. A Waste Tire Hauler Permit is required for any person transporting 5 or more waste tires for hire within Miami-Dade County.

  • How to apply

    • Complete the permit application
    • Pay with check or money order (Visa and Mastercard accepted in person)
    • Liability insurance for each vehicle is required
  • Fees

    • Permit application and renewal fee: $25
    • Tire Haulers: $25 per vehicle
    • Tire Generators: $75 per location
  • Requirements

    Waste tire generators must provide the names and addresses of all waste tire haulers employed to remove the tires in the past 12 months.

    Waste tire haulers must provide:

    • Names and addresses of all waste tire generators where tires were collected in the past 12 months.
    • Names and addresses of all disposal facilities, waste tire processing facilities and recycling facilities used to dispose tires in the last 12 months.
  • Regulations & Compliance

    Waste tire hauler permits or vehicle decals may not be reassigned, transferred or sold. In the event of any change in ownership and/or name of corporation or partnership, formal notification must be given to the Department within 30 days of the change.

    Revocation of permit

    A permit may be revoked if its conditions are violated, fees or charges aren’t paid or a violation is made that endangers the public health, safety or welfare.

    Appeal of permit denial or revocation

    An appeal can be filed within 14 days of receipt of the certified letter advising of a permit denial or revocation. A hearing will be scheduled between 14 and 60 days of the appeal being received.

     Warnings or citations

    For questions about warnings or citations, or to request a partial payment or payment extension, call the Enforcement Division at 305-514-6700.

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