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Recycling in Multifamily Buildings

Recycling in multifamily residences such as apartment buildings and condominiums is mandatory. Services can be provided by a permitted hauler, private recycling hauler or their appropriate governmental agency.

  • Establish a Program

    All units must recycle the following:

    • Glass, food and beverage containers, such as soda, juice and salad dressing containers
    • Aluminum cans
    • Newspapers, without their plastic delivery bags
    • Household plastic containers, such as soda, milk, juice and water containers, as well as dishwashing and laundry detergent bottles
    • Steel cans
  • Modified Recycling Programs

    A condominium or apartment building can request to be approved for a "modified" recycling program. Call the Department first, and complete the Modified Recycling Program Form.

    There are four modified program options:

    • Collect your recyclables and take them directly to a recycler for sale and processing.
    • Substitute recyclable materials not included on our list, as long as your suggested materials comprise a greater portion of your waste than any of the materials listed. Keep receipts to substantiate recycling activity.
    • Recycle less than the three materials required, as long as the recyclable materials you don’t recycle comprise less than 5 percent of your waste.
    • Hire a permitted private hauler to collect recyclable materials at your establishment and separate them at a permitted materials recovery facility.

    At times, one of four modified recycling programs can be created.

  • Requirements

    Apartment complexes or condominiums that don't comply could be fined. Fines range from $300 to $950 based on the number of units on the property and can be assessed daily until compliance is met.

  • Regulation & Compliance

    Multi-Family Residential Recycling Law

    Multi-family residential establishments must provide a recycling program. Citation -

    Modified Recycling

    Modified recycling programs can be submitted to the Department for approval. Citation -