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Welcome to the new version of Miami-Dade County's website. We'd love your feedback. While we're at work, you may be directed to, which is still your primary source for information.

Geographic Information Systems Online Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that provides tools to store, edit, display and query data containing locational information, such as address, folio, census tract, ZIP code or x, y coordinates. Services include data download, data subscriptions, maps data creation, spatial analysis software development and more. Users can download all public data available.

GIS creates attractive maps, it is not a map-maker software. The map is the result of analysis performed on data provided.

Here are examples of information you can gather using GIS:

  • Which is the best site for a new school?
  • Where are hazardous materials stored relative to a reported fire incident?
  • Show me the hot spots for car thefts?
  • Where is the closest park with a pool?
  • GIS Self Service Map Search

    Residents and visitors can find information about the County's developments and activities.

  • GIS Self Service Downloads

    Allows users to download all public data available, at no cost. There are over 300 GIS data files available for download in shapefile (.zip) and DWG format.