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Apply for Light Bill Financial Help

First, you must apply to receive a credit payment to be applied to your existing bill. The program provides assistance to over 50,000 households annually. You may get a one-time credit up to $300 paid on your light bill if you qualify for the program. In a crisis, the credit may be up to $600.

There are three categories, which includes:

Regular Energy Assistance: designed to assist eligible applicants with the ever increasing cost of your home energy expense. A credit ranging from $150 - $300 will be applied towards your account. Restricted to one year and must continue paying utility bill while waiting for the credit towards your account.

Crisis Energy Assistance: provides assistance to eligible households in resolving a home energy emergency/crisis with a disconnection or final notice. A credit rangining from $600 is applied towards your account. You can apply twice per year and have received a final notice or disconnection of services.

Weather Related Crisis: assists eligible households to resolve a home energy caused by a specific weather related disaster as declared by the Florida Governor.


  • Eligibility

    To qualify for help, you must meet the eligibility requirements.

    • You must reside in Miami-Dade County.
    • Submit the original and photo copy of energy bill.
    • Photocopy of Social Security Cards for all household members.
    • Photocopy of identification (Driver's License or FL ID or Voter Registration Card).
    • Photocopy of proof of income for every household member for the past month.
    • Proof of Income: consecutive pay stubs (4-pay stubs), bi-weekly (2-pay stubs) if paid monthly (1-month pay stub) or letter from employer on company letterhead indicating gross income for the past month or current income tax return.
    • Income Award Letter(s): SSA, SSI, VA, Pension, Welfare/TANF, Child Support/Alimony, Self Employed Income or Financial Support from friends or relatives.
    • Income self-declaration form provided at our office.
    • Proof of Assistance: Food Stamps, Weatherization Assistance Program or Community Service Block Grant Program.

    There are income guidelines that you must also meet in order to qualify. The income limits are for the poverty guidelines for the 48 contiguous States and the District of Columbia table. Add $6,240 for each additional person in the household with more than 8 people.

  • How to Apply

    You must complete an application and drop off a Community Resource Center or mail to our office. Applications are accepted based on funding.

    Download the LIHEAP Application (Descargar Solicitud)

  • Hurricane Irma Assistance

    This program provides eligible households with a maximum of $1,000 in emergency energy-related benefits for expenses incurred as a result of the storm.  Residents must provide proof that the current crisis situation is directly related to Hurricane Irma.  Household income must be at or below 150-percent of the federal poverty income guidelines.  For more information or to apply, residents can visit or call any Community Resource Center:

Phone Number(s)

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