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Health Insurance - Medical, Dental and Vision

Miami-Dade County employees can get medical, dental, and vision health insurance coverage.

You must enroll during your initial benefits eligibility period, during the annual benefits open enrollment, or within 45 days of a status change or qualifying event.

To be eligible, you must be one of these:

  • Full-time employee.
  • Part-time employee who is scheduled to work 60 hours per pay period.
  • Variable Hours Employee who averages 60 or more hours per pay period (as measured over 26 pay periods).

Read the Benefits Handbook, Open Enrollment Guide, and other reference materials available online to learn more. 

If you have questions regarding plan benefits, call the plan provider directly during business hours for specific plan benefits and limitations.

View Your Current Benefits

To view your current benefits:

  1. Log on to eNet.
  2. Select the Paycheck & Paystub link.
  3. On the next screen, select the Benefits Summary link.

Your current selections will be displayed.

Human Resources

Human Resources

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