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Medical Insurance

As an eligible Miami-Dade County employee, you may enroll yourself and eligible dependents for coverage in one of the offered medical plans.

A Point of Service (POS) plan allows you to receive services from an in-network or out-of-network provider of your choice. If you choose an out-of-network physician, your healthcare services will be subject to the plan deductible and co-insurance provisions.

A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) provides a wide range of healthcare services to you on a prepaid basis. Under this plan, you receive medical services at no cost or for moderate co-payments without deductibles or claim forms.  

The available medical plans are:

Plan Redesign
Applies to all non-bargaining employees, and bargaining employees in AFSCME Aviation, AFSCME General, AFSCME Solid Waste, GSAF Professional, GSAF Supervisors, IAFF AFSCME Water & Sewer, and PBA Rank & File/Supervisory.

Non-Plan Redesign
Applies to Transport Workers Union only.

  • US Imaging

    US Imaging is part of Miami-Dade County’s South Florida Provider Network for all health plan options.

    US Imaging offers a unique VIP radiology program for outpatient advanced imaging services such as CT, MRI and PET scans through a network of high-quality imaging Providers. 

    Members and referring providers can contact US Imaging directly for concierge scheduling of imaging services at participating facilities in the greater Miami area. US Imaging will provide appointment scheduling, preparation and testing information, directions to the facility, reminder calls, and will inform you of the cost of the test in advance.

    US Imaging will contact you regarding any authorized imaging procedure and offer to schedule an appointment at a US Imaging contracted facility. Or you can call US Imaging at 1-844-333-5620.

    Participation is voluntary and you do not have to accept the offer from US Imaging or go to the suggested facility. 

    You can have the procedure at any of the other participating imaging facilities offered in your Miami-Dade County health plan.

  • Fire Union Plan

    Members of the DCFF Fire Union may be eligible for coverage in their union-sponsored plan. Contact your union office for further details.

    If you enroll in the Fire Union-sponsored health plan, you:

    • May elect the Optix Vision Plan.
    • Cannot participate in of any County-sponsored dental plans.

View Your Current Benefits

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