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Waste Disposal Facility Fee

Private haulers that collect, transport or deliver garbage and trash in the Disposal Facility Fee area must pay 15 percent of the total gross receipts for the preceding month.

  • Exemptions

    This fee is not charged for:

    • Construction and demolition roll-off service
      • The temporary placement of a container for waste material disposal from a construction or demolition project, including renovation and or remodeling projects. 
      • A roll-off container used continuously or temporarily to dispose of commercial waste is not exempt from the fee.
    • Recyclables collection
      • Source-separated material capable of being recycled and which, if not recycled, would be processed and disposed of as solid waste.
      • This includes: glass, aluminum, steel, plastic containers, newspaper, mixed paper, cardboard and plastics.
    • Compactor leasing service
      • The charge for the installation, maintenance and repair of a waste compactor is exempt from the fee. 
      • The waste collection and disposal portion of the service is subject to the fee.
  • Monthly Reporting

    By the 25th day of each month a completed DFF reporting form must be submitted along with monthly receipts for solid waste collection and disposal service for all accounts that are subject to DFF for the preceding month.

    A 1 percent late fee will be applied for payments not received by the 25th of the month.

    Penalties and sanctions will apply for non-reporting and under reporting of revenues.

    If you have any questions, call the Auditing and Compliance Section at 305-375-4912.

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