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What to bring

When you visit a free tax preparation site, be sure to bring:

  1. W-2 and 1099 forms you received from your employer
  2. Information on any other income you received
  3. Information about any deductions or credits you may wish to claim
  4. A copy of the previous year tax return
  5. Your Social Security card, and that of your spouse and dependents
  6. Photo identification for yourself, your spouse and all adults appearing on the tax return
  7. Information for your checking or savings account where tax refund can be directly deposited.

If you don’t have an account visit BankOnMiami.org.

United Way Center for Financial Stability

North location
11500 NW 12 Avenue
Miami, FL 33168

South location
129 SW 5 Avenue
Florida City, FL 33034

Main: 305-688-3551
Fax: 305-688-3556