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Solicitation Details - 20190067-R (MCC 7360) This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Emergency Response for Pumping Operations
Opening Date  : 8/9/2019
Opening Time  : 02:00 PM
Announcement  Info  :   A. Work under this contract includes, but is not limited to the following: Furnishing all supervision, labor, required materials, equipment, tools and performing all operations necessary, including Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) to completely perform Pumping Operations, for flooded areas to a designated discharged point, pursuant to Mayor’s, Governor’s, or President Declaration of Emergency (Declaration of Emergency). The County, at its discretion, may award more than one contract based on the proposals received and the impacts of events associated with the Declaration of Emergency. For additional Work detail, refer to Article 3.01 “Pumping Operations” of the Special Provisions. B. Contractor must provide along with detail invoices digital photographs of before and after Pumping Operations along with GPS coordinates for each location Location of Work A. This is a work order driven contract. The location(s) of work to be performed under the terms of this Contract will be determined by the Engineer prior to assigning the work. B. The County will assign work to Contractors, depending on the areas affected, as contiguous as possible to the geographical location of the Contractor. C. The actual location(s) of work shall be identified in the Work Order(s) issued subsequent to the Award of the Contract.
Technical  Certification  :   License Requirements: Certificate of Competency Requirement: Include with the bid submittal package, copies of certifications and documentation that demonstrate that at the time of Bid and pursuant to the requirements of Section 10-3 of the Code of Miami-Dade County, Florida and these Solicitation Documents, the Bidder holds a valid, current, and active: 1. Certificate of Competency from the County’s Construction Trades Qualifying Board as a Specialty Engineering Contractor, commensurate to the requirements of the Scope of Work, in one or more engineering crafts to include paving engineering contractor, pipelines contractor, excavating contractor. The specialty contractor shall subcontract with a qualified contractor any work which is incidental to the specialty but is specified in the aforementioned Code as being the work of other than that of the Engineering Specialty for which certified; or 2. Certification, as an plumbing contractor provided by the State of Florida, pursuant to the provisions of Section 489.511 of the Florida Statutes (F.S.). 3. Contractor must comply with the requirements of FHWA-1273 Section VII.1. Therefore, the contractor is required to perform work amounting to not less than 30 percent of the original contract amount, excluding specialty items, with his own organization. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) A Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) aspirational contract goal of at 10.65% percent participation has been established for this Contract. The Contractor shall comply with the requirements pursuant to 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 26. DBE Bid Package information is located under Section 2 of these Solicitation Documents. This Project is subject to the Provisions of Federally Funded Projects therefore; Contractor to comply with all requirements of any emergency relief program, including but not limited to FHWA Emergency Relief Program The Miami Dade County''s User Access Program (UAP) does not apply to this project. Award of Contract: This contract will only be awarded pursuant to Mayor’s, Governor’s, or President Declaration of emergency (Declaration of Emergency), and after a recommendation for award(s) has been made to the Contractor(s). The County, at its discretion, may award more than one contract based on the proposals received and the impacts of events associated with the Declaration of Emergency. If more than one award is made, award will be based off lowest responsive bid then the next lowest responsive bid and so forth and activated in the same order based on the Contractors availability and ability to satisfy the needs of the County at the time contacted. No quantities are guaranteed and there will be no unit cost adjustment for quantities required over or under the estimated quantities. Contract prices submitted will only be valid for the Miami-Dade County 2019 Hurricane Season. Contractor must register as a Miami-Dade County Vendor, and request to be included in the Contractor’s Emergency Pool. For further information, please contact Small Business Development (SBD) at 305-375-3111. The County, at its sole discretion and at any time, may elect to perform work with in-house forces or additional contract forces.
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