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Solicitation Details - EDP POOL OPENING

Title  :   Equitable Distribution Program (EDP)
Opening Date  : 12/31/2020
Opening Time  : 05:00 PM
Announcement  Info  :   NOTICE to Architectural and Engineering Professionals (A&E): THE EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM (EDP) IS NOW OPEN FOR NEW APPLICANTS. THIS NOTICE IS ONLY APPLICABLE TO FIRMS WHICH ARE NOT CURRENT EDP MEMBERS. Pursuant to Administrative Order (A.O.) 3-39, the Internal Services Department (ISD), Equitable Distribution Program announces the perpetual opening of the EDP for new applicants. The EDP establishes and maintains a pool of A/E professionals, for each Miami-Dade County (MDC) A & E technical certification category, in order to equitably distribute the County’s small architectural and engineering design and study projects. Pursuant to Florida Statutes, Section 287.055, the EDP is only applicable to projects with an estimated construction cost up to $2 million, and for study activities with service fees up to $200,000. All A & E firms that meet the eligibility requirements may apply to participate in this program. Firms interested in being considered for acceptance in the program must follow the instructions detailed in the Application Notice in PACKAGE 1. The required application forms are also contained in PACKAGE1. Furthermore, applicants should thoroughly read and understand all EDP reference documents contained in PACKAGE 2 prior to completing and submitting the application documents. The EDP application packages can also be viewed and downloaded from the Internal Services EDP Website at PACKAGE 1 - New Member Application Package – New Member Application with Instructions; Declaration of Compliance and Understanding of Responsibilities Form; Work History Disclosure Forms and Instructions. PACKAGE 2 - EDP Reference Documents - General Program Information; Assignment Policies and Procedures; EDP Professional Services Agreement (PSA) 2017 & Affidavits; Insurance Mandates; Administrative Order (AO) 3-39; Sustainability Building Program Notice and Implementing Order (IO) 8-8; Ordinance No. 11-90 amending 2-8.1, 2-8.8 and 10-34 of the Code; Subcontractor/Supplier Listing Form; Subcontractors Payment Report; and Utilization Form.
Technical  Certification  :   All Architectural and Engineering Technical Certifications
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