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Solicitation Details - MCC 7360 PLAN RPQ 2019-001.02 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Cruise Terminal D and 1500 Building Tenant Relocation
Opening Date  : 9/4/2019
Opening Time  : 02:00 PM
Announcement  Info  :   Scope of Work: (Contractor must obtain and submit all permits prior to performing any work.) The Contractor shall furnish all materials, labor, services, supervision, tools, equipment, and all other items necessary for the construction necessary for the relocations, renovations, and upgrades of two existing locations in PortMiami’s Cruise Terminal D (CTD) and 1500 Building at the Miami-Dade County Seaport Department. The project consists of, but is not limited to, various interior tenant improvements including new finishes; furnish and install new non-load bearing partition walls; furnish and install new lighting fixtures and distribution layouts; furnish and install new fire-protection distribution layouts; furnish and install new low voltage and security systems; furnish and install new HVAC layouts; furnish and install one (1) new roof-mounted HVAC unit (CTD); furnish and install new restroom facilities (CTD); furnish and install new fixed windows (CTD); reduce size of existing overhead door openings with CMU (CTD); site improvements to create a new surface parking area (CTD); furnish and install two (2) HVAC units in two (2) existing IT Server (LAN) rooms (1500 Building); and any supportive ancillary tasks to successfully complete all phases of the project. The Contractor must meet the below requirements: • Contractor (Prime or Subcontractor) performing the work of this Project shall have a minimum experience of at least one (1) project of similar scope and size, in a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) secure area or a Federal security build-out at similar facilities for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or National Security Agency (NSA) within the last ten (10) years. The experience must be demonstrated by the individual of the Contractor (Prime or Subcontractor) that will have direct or substantial involvement in the supervisory capacity at the Project Manager level or above. As a condition of award, the selected Contractor (Prime or Subcontractor) shall submit each individual’s name, list of past projects, contact information, and references. All work shall be performed in accordance with the Contract Documents. COMMENTS: EMPLOY MIAMI-DADE PROGRAM In accordance with Section 5.02 of the Miami-Dade County Home Rule Amendment and Charter, Section 2-8.1 of the Code of Miami-Dade County, and Administrative Order No. 3-63, all contractors and subcontractors of any tier on (i) construction contracts valued in excess of one million dollars ($1,000,000) for the construction, demolition, alteration and/or repair of public buildings, or public works; or (ii) contracts or leases valued in excess of one million dollars ($1,000,000) for privately funded construction, demolition, alteration or repair of buildings, or improvements on County-owned land. The awarded Contractor is hereby notified that the County will consider whether the Contractor made its best reasonable efforts to promote Employ Miami-Dade on this contract, as defined in A.O. 3-63, as part of the County’s evaluation and responsibility review of the Contractor for new County contract awards. RESIDENTS FIRST TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM In accordance with Section 2-11.17 of the Code of Miami-Dade County and Implementing Order No. 3-61, all contractors and subcontractors of any tier on (i) construction contracts valued in excess of $1 million for the construction, demolition, alteration and/or repair of public buildings, or public works; or (ii) contracts or leases valued in excess of $1 million for privately funded construction, demolition, alteration or repair of buildings, or improvements on County-owned land shall comply with the following: (i) prior to working on the project, all persons employed by the contractor or subcontractor on the project to perform construction have completed the OSHA 10-hour safety training course, and (ii) the contractor will make its best reasonable efforts to have 51% of all construction labor hours performed by Miami-Dade County residents. In accordance with Miami-Dade County Implementing Order 3-9, Accounts Receivable Adjustments, if money is owed by the Contractor to the County, whether under this Contract or for any other purpose, the County reserves the right to retain such amount from payment due by County to the Contractor under this Contract. Such retained amount shall be applied to the amount owed by the Contractor to the County. The Contractor shall have no further claim to such retained amounts which shall be deemed full accord and satisfaction of the amount due by the County to the Contractor for the applicable payment due herein. Pursuant to Section 2-8.10 of the Code of Miami-Dade County, this Contract is subject to a user access fee under the County’s User Access Program (UAP) in the amount of two percent (2%). All construction services provided under this contract are subject to the 2% UAP. This fee applies to all Contract usage whether by County Departments or by any other governmental, quasi-governmental or not-for-profit entity. From every payment made to the Contractor under this contract (including the payment of retainage), the County will deduct the two percent (2%) UAP fee provided in the ordinance and the Contractor will accept such reduced amount as full compensation for any and all deliverables under the contract. The County shall retain the 2% UAP for use by the County to help defray the cost of its procurement program. Contractor participation in this pay request reduction portion of the UAP is mandatory. Provided, however, UAP shall not be applicable for total contract values, inclusive of contingency and allowance accounts, of less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00). COMMUNITY WORKFORCE PROGRAM Prior to entering into a contract and according to the Miami-Dade County Code §2-1701 and amended by Ordinance 13-66, the successful bidder on a construction contract subject to a Community Workforce Program (CWP) goal, must submit to Small Business Development (SBD) through the contracting officer a workforce plan outlining how the CWP goal will be met. Additional information is available at the County’s website at . Contractor must submit a Workforce Plan to the Miami-Dade County Internal Services Department, Small Business Development Division within fifteen (15) days of notification of award of the contract. The County will not enter into the contract until it receives the contractor’s Workforce Plan and deems the Plan acceptable. The Workforce Plan forms may be obtained on the County’s website at Document Pick-Up: Documents are available (on Compact Disk) starting on August 1, 2019, at PortMiami's, Contracts, Procurement and Materials Management Section, 1007 N. America Way, Suite 311, Miami, FL 33132. One copy of the bid documents will be required to prepare a bid. Bid Documents (on Compact Disk) will also be available after the site visit meeting. The non-refundable fee for each set of Bid Documents (available on one Compact Disk) is $15.00 and only checks or money orders are acceptable and shall be made payable to: Miami-Dade County Seaport Department. To purchase a set of bid documents, please bring photo ID and a business card, contractor's license, or company letterhead authorizing you to purchase the bid documents. Requests for Information: All requests for clarification of a RPQ must be received in writing by 5:00 PM on August 21, 2019. Written communications may be in the form of e-mail addressed to Gyselle Pino at with a copy to the Clerk of the Board at Additional Insurance Requirements: Please refer to Section 8 of the Special Provisions in the Bid Documents. Instructions: A government-issued photo ID (i.e., Driver’s License, Identification Card, Passport, etc.) is required to attend the site visit. Proposed Bidders attending the site visit must submit the information below to, a minimum of 24 hours before the pre-bid meeting: • Name of individual attending the site visit as shown on their current driver’s license • Driver’s license number & state issued. Failure of a bidder to attend and sign the attendance sheet at a mandatory Pre-Bid Conference/Site Visit will result in the Contractor’s bid being rejected. If the bidder does not arrive on time for the Pre-Bid Conference/Site Visit, there is no guarantee that he/she will be allowed to attend. Bids received after the due date and time will not be accepted. The Contractor must submit one (1) labeled and sealed envelope with the completed bid package. The envelope will contain the Certificate of Assurance (COA), RPQ Bid Form - Attachment 5A, and all of the other accompanying required documents. The envelope is due at the time and bid date specified in the advertisement. For all projects with approved SBE-CONS, SBE-A/E, SBE-G, and SBE-S “Set-Aside” or “Goal” measures, all bidders are required to submit a Small Business Development (SBD) Certificate of Assurance (COA) at the time of bid submission. The COA must be completely filled out, signed, notarized, and submitted with each bid in order for the bidder to be deemed compliant by SBD. Failure to submit the required COA at the time of bid submittal will result in the bidder being deemed non-compliant and not eligible for award of the contract. Immediately following the bid submittal, received Bids will be publicly opened and each bidder's Total Bid Price read aloud. Interested parties are invited to attend. Bid Opening Location: 1007 N. America Way, Suite 311, Capital Development Conference Room, Miami, Florida 33132. Successful first, second, and third ranked bidders will subsequently be notified to complete a Utilization Plan (UP), within a specified time frame, for SBD’s review and approval via Miami-Dade County's online Business Management Workforce System (BMWS). The UP shall list all certified Miami-Dade County Small Business Enterprise (SBE) subcontractor(s), subconsultant(s), and/or sub-vendor(s) that will satisfy the project’s established SBE measure(s). Each SBE subcontractor, subconsultant, and/or sub-vendor will also be required to confirm its contractual relationship via BMWS, within the specified time frame, for final approval by SBD. Failure to submit the required Certificate of Assurance and/or failure to submit a Utilization Plan approved by SBD will deem the Bid non-compliant. The COA and UP requirements do not apply to “No Measure” open market projects; however, all prime and subcontractor(s), subconsultant(s), and/or sub-vendor(s) will be required to report and confirm all payments made on Miami-Dade County projects. Subcontractor / Supplier Listing: Pursuant to Section 2-8.1 and 10.34 of the Miami-Dade County Code, for contracts valued at $100,000 or more when subcontractor(s) and/or supplier(s) are utilized, the Prime contractor/vendor/consultant shall report to Miami-Dade County the race, gender, and ethnic origin of all such first tier subcontractor(s) and supplier(s). The paper-based Subcontractor/Supplier Listing that was previously submitted at time of bid submission is no longer being used. The Prime contractor/vendor/consultant shall be required to identify its first tier subcontractor(s)/supplier(s) and provide demographic information for both their firm and each subcontractor/supplier on the contract as soon as reasonably available and in any event prior to final payment under the contract via Miami-Dade County’s online Business Management Workforce System (BMWS). Monthly Utilization Reports: Paper-based Monthly Utilization Reports (MURs) are no longer being accepted for construction, architecture, and engineering projects with measures. Also for architecture and engineering firms, pursuant to Implementing Order 3-39, primes and subconsultants are required to report payments monthly via Miami-Dade County’s online Business Management Workforce System (BMWS). “Compliance Audits” will be created in Miami-Dade County’s online Business Management Workforce System (BMWS) after Miami-Dade County pays the Prime contractor/vendor/consultant (approximately one month after). Miami-Dade County Departments will check the compliance audit status for each payment application to ensure that no audits are open for more than two (2) months. For construction contracts without measures, which only require reporting of cumulative subcontractor payments, a “Compliance Audit” shall only be verified prior to the final payment.
Technical  Certification  :   GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR
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