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Solicitation Details - MCC 7360 PLAN RPQ SOUNDPROOFHQ This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Soundproofing 10 Interview rooms
Opening Date  : 10/14/2011
Opening Time  : 04:00 PM
Announcement  Info  :   PURPOSE The purpose of this solicitation is to establish a contract for the purchase and installation of sound proofing material(s) for ten (10) interview rooms, currently existing, for Miami- Dade Police Department. SUMMARY The purpose of the sound proofing in the interview rooms is to reduce the normal noise level that enters the interview rooms from the outside surrounding offices and hallways. Each interview room is approximately ten by ten feet, with a ten foot high drop ceiling. There are no windows and only one door for each. The walls consist of drywall material with metal studs. The interview rooms have a traditional drop ceiling with removable two by two feet acoustic cardboard panels on metal frames. Below the drop ceiling, there is a security metal lattice installed that covers the entire ceiling. Some of the interview rooms have plastic paneling installed on the inside walls. Attending the pre-bid conference, as mentioned above, is highly recommended to allow the bidding vendors the opportunity to inspect these interview rooms to properly bid on this project. SCOPE OF WORK The sound proofing material(s) will be applied to the interior of the interview rooms. The ceiling of the interview rooms have a metal security lattice installed just below the drop ceiling. That security lattice must remain but can be removed for the application of material(s) but must be securely reinstalled. The sound proofing material(s) for the ceiling of the interview rooms may be installed above it. The exposed finished lining of the interior walls and door must be of a material that is conducive to the prevention of vandalism, such as tearing or removing. An acceptable material would be a plastic type paneling as a finished product on the interior walls. The color(s) of the exposed finish must be neutral/pastel color(s). If selections of colors are available they will be selected by a representative of the Miami-Dade Police Department. The sound proofing material(s) installed on the walls, ceilings, doors, etc., must be installed in a manner that is in accordance with the interview rooms' original design, intended use and maintenance thereof. All incoming flanking noise paths associated with the interview rooms must also be addressed with sound proofing but still maintain their designed application(s). Such examples of these are electrical plate covers, light fixtures, fire sprinklers, air conditioning. ducts, etc. The acquiring of any required government permit(s) will be the responsibility of the awarded vendor and bear the cost. After the completed installation, thewalls, ceilings and doors must comply with an industry Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 60 better. The' awarded vendor must be able to test and provide an official certification that the walls; doors and ceilings have an STC rating of 60 or better at the completion of the installation. PRE-BID CONFERENCE (MANDATORY) A pre-bid conference will be held on (date TBD) at the Miami-Dade Police Department Headquarters Building, 9105 NW 25th Street, conference room to view the interview rooms and discuss the special conditions and specifications included within this solicitation. It is recommended that a representative of the firm attend this conference as the "cone of silence" will be lifted during the course of the conference and inforrnal.comrnunication can take place. Manufacturer's standard information sheets, catalogs, brochures and all supporting documentation submitted must show the product meets the required specifications. Bids that are submitted with standard product literature which offer technical data or product descriptions indicating the item or product bid does not meet the required specifications . must be accompanied by a letter, on the bidder's company stationery, identifying those differences and describing how compliance with the required specifications is to be accomplished. Photographs, pictures, and other graphic illustrations that are part of standard product literature will not be used in determining product compliance with these specifications. After the Bid Proposals have been evaluated by the County, the bidder offering the lowest price as stipulated in , Paragraph __ of this solicitation may be required to demonstrate the product which has been proposed, for evaluation by and at no cost to the. County. The purpose of the demonstration is to observe the product in an operating environment and verify its capability, suitability, and adaptability vis-a-vis the . performance requirements stipulated in the bid, If a demonstration is required, the County will notify the bidder of such in writing and will specify the date, time and location of the demonstration. If the bidder fails to perform the demonstration on' the date stipulated in the notice, the County may elect to reject the bidder's proposal or to re- schedule the demonstration. The County will be the sole judge of the acceptability of the equipment in conformance with the Bid Specifications and its decision shall be final. The product used for the demonstration shall be the same as the manufacturer's model identified in the bidder's proposal. Accordingly, the product used in the demonstration shall create an expressed warranty that the actual equipment provided by the bidder during the contract period shall be similar to the product used in the demonstration, EQUIPMENT FURNISHED The product furnished by the bidder shall be new and the most recent model 'available. Any optional components that are required in accordance with these Bid Specifications shall be considered standard equipment for the purposes of this solicitation. Any optional components that are recommended by the Building Manager for the application intended must be included and will be considered mandatory for the purposes of this solicitation. The application and usage of all materials, SUb-materials. or parts must be in accordance with their manufacturers' recommendations aswell as the recommendations of all associated component manufacturers. Omission of any essential detail from these specifications does not relieve the vendor from furnishing a complete and ready to use product The silence of specifications on any point shall mean that only the finest commercial practices of the industry shall apply and all interpretations of Bid Specifications shall be so governed. The product shall conform to all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), State and Federal and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements and standards, and regulations. All components and included craftsmanship are to be in accordance with current Miami-Dade County Building codes standards and recommended practices. The engineering, materials and workmanship shall exhibit a high level of quality and appearance consistent with or exceeding the industry standards. The product and features required are listed in the bid specifications. The County may, after installation and acceptance of the initial product ordered, make changes to the required product or product options supplied, provided; 1) such changes are mutually agreed between the bidder and the County, 2) all changes in per unit pricing are no more than the change in per unit documentable cost to the bidder, and 3) that the net amount of any such changes is no more than five percent of the per unit price originally bid. BIDDER STATUS Bids will not be accepted for evaluations which are submitted from sources other than the product's manufacturer or fabricator, or an approved dealer thereof. The County may require the successful bidder to furnish authenticating documentation of such status. WARRANTY REQUIREMENTS The awarded vendor shall supply a copy of the warranty(ies). A warranty covering the entire product and installation shall be provided and shall have a minimum term of ten years. The warranty(ies) shall cover all parts, materials and labor necessary to repair the defect(s). When the product manufacturer(s) provides a warranty with coverage in excess of that stipulated herein, that additional coverage shall not be diminished by the requirements of this paragraph. The warranty(ies) shall commence when the interview rooms are ready to use. The vendor shall be responsible for promptly correcting any warranted deficiency, at no cost to the County within five (5) calendar days after the County notifies the vendor of such deficiency in writing. If the vendor fails to honor the warranty and/or fails to correct or replace the defect within the period specified, the County may, at its discretion, notify the Vendor in writing that the vendor may be found in violation of the Contract or be subject to contractual default if the deficiencies are not corrected and/or replacement or repairs are not completed to the satisfaction of the County within the specified time frarne.rlfthe vendor fails to satisfy the warranty within the period stipulated in the notice, the County may (a) place the vendor in default of its contract, and/or (b) procure the products or services from another vendor and charge the vendor for any additional costs that are incurred by the County for the work or items; either through a credit memorandum or through invoicing. Completion of the project is required within the number of days stated in the bidder's quotation. In no case may this date be later than __ days from the date that the County department orders request of the implementation of this project by sending a Purchase Order to the awarded vendor. All components of this project are to be made in accordance with good commercial practice and must be in full compliance with bid specifications and requirements, and must be in excellent condition and ready to use. Upon verification of compliance with these requirements, the County will accept the project. Upon failure to. complete this project in accordance with best commercial practices, excellent ready to use condition, and full compliance with the specifications and requirements to the County within the number of days stipulated the awarded vendor shall be subject to charges for liquidation damages in the amount of _ INSTRUCTION STATEMENT The vendor shall supply the County with a written instruction statement which describes the appropriate use and care of the materials installed. PRODUCTION INSPECTION AND CONDITIONS The awarded vendor must make available to the Building Manager or his designee the right to inspect the progress of the project at any time. The awarded vendor will not restrict the Building Manager or his designee any access to the project. The County reserves the right to require modifications to the installation if such modifications are necessary in order to maintain compliance with regards to the building and its working environment. The awarded vendor must not interrupt, without permission, the normal working environment present in and around the building. Any and all working schedules must be approved by the Building Manager. DEMONSTRATION OF COMPETENCY REQUIREMENTS The County may conduct a pre-award site inspection or hold a pre-award qualification hearing to determine if the bidder is capable of performing the contract if awarded. As part of the determination of the bidder's suitability for award, the following criteria will be considered: Bids will only be considered from firms who are regularly engaged in the business of providing the goods and/or services required by this solicitation. The bidder must be able to demonstrate a good record of performance and have sufficient financial resources, facilities, service equipment, employees and organization to ensure that they can satisfactorily provide to the County the goods and/or services required herein. The terms "sufficient financial resources, facilities, service equipment, employees and organization" shall additionally be construed to mean a fully equipped and well-established company in line with the best practices used in the industry. The County may consider any evidence available regarding the financial, technical, or other qualifications and abilities of the bidder, including past performance and the bidder's record of satisfactorily completing prior awards with the County, or any other governmental or private entity in determining competency for award consideration. Resolution # R-1030-09
Technical  Certification  :   GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR
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