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  • 2017

    • December - Co-sponsored an ordinance revising the County's policies regarding Private Public Partnerships (P3) and unsolicited proposals.
    • December - Co-sponsored a resolution urging Congress to enact the Hizballah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act of 2017, urging the federal government to maximize their efforts, in cooperation with Miami-Dade County, to reduce and eliminate the threat of criminal and illicit activity in Miami-Dade County.
    • December - Co-sponsored a resolution urging the Florida Legislature and FDOT to provide a 50% funding match for each phase of the development and construction of the North and South Dade Transitway Corridors of the Miami SMART Plan.
    • November - Co-sponsored a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to enact legislation that requires FDOT, the Florida Turnpike Enterprise, and other roadway authorities in the state that utilizes “Congestion Pricing” on toll lanes to provide funding for express bus services along any lanes or corridors where such toll lanes are placed.
    • November - Sponsored a resolution directing the County Mayor and the Executive Director of the Transportation Planning Organization to negotiate agreements with all municipalities in order to assist with the development of the Miami SMART Plan corridor projects.
    • October - Co-sponsored a resolution that temporarily waives permitting requirements for the repair or replacement of existing fences in single family residential homes damaged as a result of Hurricane Irma.
    • July - Sponsored a resolution establishing as County policy that any transferable revenues from the long-term lease of a transit oriented development project to be allocated to the Miami SMART Plan.
    • July - Co-sponsored a resolution urging President Trump, the U.S. Congress, Governor Rick Scott, and the Florida Legislature to support economic sanctions against the Venezuelan government.
    • June - Co-sponsored a resolution establishing bus service adjustment savings go towards the Miami SMART Plan.
    • June - Co-sponsored a resolution welcoming the Pan American Sports Organization to Miami-Dade County for the upcoming Americas Best Practices Symposium Olympic preparations.
    • June - Co-sponsored a resolution urging Congress to enact the Social Security Child Protection Act of 2017, which would implement measures to protect the privacy of individuals’ Social Security numbers and prevent identity theft.
    • May - Sponsored a special presentation honoring Roberto Lanzetti, Vianca Diaz, and Thalia Rodriguez for their life saving action in regards to MDPD Major Ricky Carter.
    • May - Co-sponsored a resolution designating the incorporated area along NW 63rd Street to the North, the City of Miami boundary limit to the East, Northwest 27th Avenue to the West, and Northwest 61st Street to the South to now be now as the Dr. Martin Luther King Cultural Art Corridor.
    • May - Co-sponsored a resolution providing for maximum taxicab flat fare zone rates.
    • May - Co-sponsored a resolution urging Governor Scott to authorize the release of funds to Miami-Dade County to address the opioid crisis.
    • April - Sponsored a resolution allowing Miami-Dade County employees to donate their earned annual and holiday leave to the County’s Emergency Disaster Relief Fund for Colombia mudslides.
    • April - Co-sponsored a resolution further condemning the Venezuelan government for using violence and intimidation to suppress political opposition. And expressing continued support for those Venezuelans who are fighting to restore peace.
    • March - Co-sponsored a resolution creating the Charter Review Task Force, which will review the Home Rule Charter of Miami-Dade County in its entirety and shall prepare and submit to the Board of County Commissioner written recommendations including any proposed amendments or revisions to the Charter.
    • March- Co-sponsored a resolution in Support of Senate Bill 1682 to strengthen condominium association laws to prevent fraud and malfeasance.
    • March - Co-sponsored a resolution for an approved grant agreement for Together for Children between The Children’s Trust and the School Board of Miami-Dade County and the Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Inc.
    • February - Sponsored a resolution that created an advisory committee to help solve the opioid epidemic in Miami-Dade County.
    • February - Co-sponsored a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to enact SB 148, HB85 which would require schools in certain districts to obtain written parental consent before permitting students to leave school grounds during lunch.
    • January - Sponsored a resolution for City Year volunteers to receive transit passes in exchange for and providing  at least 3,500 volunteer hours for promotion, marketing, and outreach for the Miami- Dade Department of Transportation.
  • 2016

    • December - Co-sponsored an ordinance which updates regulations relating to the spacing requirements for non-farm related breweries, and wineries. Amends the zoning code to allow for the operation of micro-breweries.

    • November - Sponsored an ordinance which revises the boundaries and regulations relating to the Fixed-Guideway Rapid Transit System-Development Zone and promoting transit oriented development. This ordinance makes the zone more consistent with the surrounding area that falls under the City of Miami zoning code

    • October - Co-sponsored a resolution directing the County Mayor to prepare a report on any proactive measures that may be taken to safeguard water sources and water bodies in Miami-Dade County against Algae Blooms

    • October - Co-sponsor of a resolution declaring October as Bullying Prevention Awareness Month in Miami-Dade County.

    • September - Co-sponsored a resolution authorizing an exhibit pertaining to sea level rise in the Stephen P. Clark Center, in possible partnership with FIU and UM.

    • September - Co-sponsored a resolution authorizing an exhibit pertaining to sea level rise in the Stephen P. Clark Center, in possible partnership with FIU and UM.

    • July- co-sponsored a resolution directing the County Mayor to create and promote a webpage to consolidate and make more accessible the information related to the Miami-Dade County Sea Level Rise Task Force.

    • July- co-sponsored a resolution for the Ygrene agreement with Miami-Dade County to participate in the Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) program.
    • July- sponsored a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to enact legislation to clarify the liabilities and indemnification for Tri-Rail service to Downtown Miami Central and to appropriate the necessary funds.
    • May- sponsored an ordinance reforming the Taxicab and Limousine ordinances.
    • May- sponsored the creation of a Transportation Network Entities ordinance to legalize services like Uber and Lyft in Miami-Dade County.
    • May- sponsored a resolution urging Congress to provide sufficient funding to combat the spread of Zika in Miami-Dade County.
    • April- co-sponsored a resolution directing the County Mayor to waive Animal Service adoption fees for qualifying veterans.
    • February- sponsored a change in the charter to allow for municipalities to operate Special Taxing Districts wholly within a city instead of the county. Miami-Dade County would continue to operate those districts in the unincorporated areas.
    • February- co-sponsored an ordinance modifying requirements for installation of safety barriers at child care facilities.
    • February- co-sponsored an ordinance to allow Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) financing in the unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County.
    • February- co-sponsored a resolution urging Congress to allocate funding for Firefighter Cancer Research at the University of Miami Slyvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.
    • January- sponsored a resolution urging the federal government to refrain from establishing a Cuban consulate in Miami-Dade County.
  • 2015

    • December - co-sponsored a resolution urging the State of Florida to enact legislation that would limit the just value determination, for purposes of the additional homestead exemption for low-income seniors, to the value as determined at the time of the owners initial application for the exemption.

    • December - sponsored a resolution urging the State of Florida for funding to acquire the Homestead Subdivision of the CSX rail lines in Miami-Dade County.

    • October - co-sponsored a resolution directing the county mayor to evaluate and report on the performance of the current bus schedules.

    • October - co-sponsored an ordinance to allow for the use of road impact fees for mass transit projects if the development crosses multiple impact districts

    • September- sponsored a resolution urging MDX to create a public awareness campaign regarding their meetings and work in the community.

    • September - sponsored a resolution directing the county to perform non-emergency road work during non-rush peak hours.

    • June - sponsored an ordinance change creating Jewelry Loan Centers within Miami-Dade County.

    • June - sponsored a resolution for a committee review of new proposed fees in proposed county budgets.

    • May - sponsored a resolution authorizing a lease agreement between Miami-Dade County and the City of Hialeah for Transit Oriented Development at the Okeechobee Metrorail Station.

    • May - co-sponsored an ordinance to update the Lighting for Private and Recreational Pools code to provide for safer swimming conditions in Miami-Dade County.

    • March - sponsored a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to allow Miami-Dade County to utilize “Bed Tax” funding for capital transit infrastructure expansions and to create Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFF’s) along mass transit corridors. 

    • March - sponsored a resolution urging the Latin American consulates in Miami-Dade County to communicate with their Ambassadors to press for democratic reforms in Cuba.

    • March - sponsored a resolution creating a community designation for Palm Springs North in District 13.

    • March - co-sponsored a resolution supporting the students of American Senior High School for a feasibility study of a new sidewalk on NW 57 Avenue.
    • February - co-sponsored a resolution to create a Community Based Organization (CBO) score card to better track these organizations progress in the community.
    • February - co-sponsored a resolution for the creation of a P3 Taskforce for the capital investments for a new Courthouse and Jail House facilities.
    • January - co-sponsored a resolution for the continued implementation of the Miami-Dade County Environmentally Endangered Land Program.
    • January- co-sponsored a resolution to study the feasibility to incorporate the effects of Climate Change in the Comprehensive Development Master Plan process.
    • January- sponsored an ordinance change to the Motor Vehicle Repair-Mechanics Certification section allowing for graduates of the accredited American Advanced Technical Institute to be certified by Miami-Dade County to perform automotive work.
    • January – motion urging the Florida Legislature to enact legislation that would expedite the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) Appeals Process thus supporting the School Board’s efforts in recovering shortfalls due to the Appeals Process.

  • 2014

    • September – sponsored an ordinance establishing an acceleration program, empowering the director of the Miami-Dade and Sewer Department broad authority to competitively award construction and refurbishment contracts in an effort to expedite the completion of work required by the federal consent decree concerning the integrity of our wastewater system.
    • September – sponsored a resolution amending board’s rules of procedure to permit the administration to place legislative items pertaining to indebtedness directly on the full board’s agenda without committee review.  This change was requested by the administration in order to effectuate bond transactions in an expeditious manner so as to take advantage of favorable market conditions.
    • July - motion instructing that the Mayor, as a matter of policy, meet with all appropriate stakeholders, specifically including Florida International University and the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition to find a new appropriate physical location for the Youth Fair and Expo.
    • July – sponsored a resolution creating the Miami-Dade County Marketing Partnership Program which is designed to evaluate all county property for suitability as a marketing platform.  It is estimated that the annual revenue generated by this program could exceed one million dollars annually.
    • July – sponsored a resolution directing the county mayor to commence negotiations with representatives of Cuban Exile History Museum, Inc. for the construction and operation of a museum situated on county owned property commonly referred to as Parcel “B.”  That parcel is located directly east of the American Airlines Arena.  The negotiation must be completed within 180 days or, if the negotiation remains ongoing, the mayor must provide the board with a written status update.
    • July – sponsored a resolution restricting the board from submitting to the voters a non-binding straw ballot question which polls the community regarding a tax increase for services without support from at least 2/3 of the commissioners then in office. 
    • July – sponsored a resolution calling for a countywide special election in Miami-Dade County Florida to be held alongside the General Election on Tuesday November 4, 2014 to submit several amendments to Article 7 of the County Charter which would, among other things, permit library uses in public parks.  The purpose of the proposal is to allow the County to merge smaller “storefront” libraries with existing recreational structures that may be un or underutilized by the parks department, in an effort to minimize or monthly rent obligations.
    • June – sponsored a resolution approving the lease agreement between Miami-Dade County and the City of Hialeah regarding a joint affordable housing development plan.  $5,592,000 was granted to the city of Hialeah for the development of affordable housing units on a site situated adjacent to the Okeechobee Metrorail station. 
    • June – sponsored an ordinance amending the County’s cone of silence regulations to exempt from public access negotiation strategy sessions and vendor negation sessions to the extent permitted by Florida law.  These amendments were authorized by the legislature when the sunshine statutes were amended in 2010.
    • June – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to study and ultimately implement a pilot program designed to provide loan assistance to low and moderate income persons and families for the payment of rental housing security deposits.  
    • April – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to study the feasibility of creating an online self-service parking payment system for collecting parking fees at various county-owned parks.
    • April – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to research alternative firefighting staff models and to present his findings to the Board within 60 days.
    • February – sponsored a resolution authorizing veterans not dishonorably discharged to utilize the Patriot Pass program.   
  • 2013

    • November – sponsored a resolution creating county policy of requiring particular disclosure language on any general obligation bond question.
    • October – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to negotiate with the various labor unions to limit the amount of sick leave that may be accrued by county employees to a maximum of 600 hours.  Additionally, and the administration was directed to reduce the number of annual leave hours that may be accrued by newly hired employees from 500 hours to 300 hours
    • September – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to create a pilot program to raise money for the library system by exploring possible commercial uses within our larger regional libraries and present to the Board a report within 30 days of adoption
    • September – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to work with the Miami-Dade Public Schools to create a feasibility study to give library access and media center services to the community.
    • September – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to negotiate  a reduction in the number of county employees who are released from their assigned duties, on a full time basis, to engage in union related business in future collective bargaining agreements.
    • September – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to study the feasibility of converting archives previously stored on microfilms into a digital format and storing future data in a digital format.
    • September – sponsored a resolution directing the mayor to provide better security for absentee ballot requests made through the internet.
    • July – sponsored an ordinance amending county code to eliminate the requirement that commercial motor vehicles be required to display their address on the side of their vehicle (excluding traditional trades such as construction, plumbing, electrical etc.)
    • July – sponsored an ordinance amending the code to provide for additional preference points in the competitive procurement process to firms that are identified as “locally headquartered” local businesses.
  • 2012

    • December – co-sponsored providing additional homestead exemption for certain low-income qualifying senior citizens who are long-term residents.
    • December – co-sponsored an ordinance approving prayers before County Commission and committee meetings.
    • September – prime sponsor in providing pre-paid return envelopes for absentee ballots.
    • August – co-sponsored a resolution directing one-stop information and processing center for opening a new business in Miami-Dade County.
    • August – prime sponsor in placing a non-binding ballot question on the general election ballot to ask the electors of Miami-Dade County whether they support prohibiting further use of taxpayer's dollars to obtain services and projects from companies doing business with state sponsors of terrorism.
    • August – co-sponsored to have signs in women's restrooms in all Miami-Dade County facilities providing contact information for agencies that provide assistance to women who are battered, raped or victims of human trafficking.
    • June – co-sponsored a resolution creating a task force to review pending incorporation proposals and to make recommendation on how the county should proceed to address the remainder of the unincorporated communities.
    • June – co-sponsored requesting that more county government information be posted and accessible to the public.
    • April – co-sponsored to draft and implement a plan to train airport and seaport personnel to identify and respond to children in transit who are being sexually exploited.
  • 2011

    • December – co-sponsored a resolution requiring licensed day care centers in MDC to install alarms to prompt drivers of vehicles transporting children to check for children upon vehicle shut off.
    • October – sponsored a sympathy resolution to Las Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White).
    • October – co-sponsored supporting HJR 169 or similar legislation that would propose a constitutional amendment to provide counties and cities a local option to grant an additional Homestead Exemption to low income senior citizens.
    • October – co-sponsored adding penalties for violating limits on picking up and/or returning absentee ballots.
    • September – co-sponsored urging the Florida legislature to pass legislation strengthening Florida law related to human trafficking and sex trafficking.
    • July – co-sponsored requiring the registration of pain clinics operating in incorporated and unincorporated MDC.
    • July – co-sponsored legislation to review all County laws, rules and processes for procuring goods, services, and leases and provides recommendations for obtaining more favorable pricing and/or lower procurement costs.
    • July – co-sponsored requiring the registration of pain clinics operating in incorporated and unincorporated MDC.
    • June – co-sponsored legislation that submits any proposed agreement for the compensation of an executive employee that exceeds existing employee compensation policies to the BCC for consideration.
    • April – co-sponsored requiring six public meetings be conducted at acceptable locations and times in the county whenever the proposed budget or proposed budget ordinances provide for new or increased taxes or fees.
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