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Important Message

Miami-Dade Business Guidelines are being updated to reflect Executive Order 20-244 issued by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding statewide business opening rules. Read the Miami-Dade County Mayor's Emergency Order 30-20 and the news release for details.

Initial Reopening Plan

Phase 1 of allowing the reopening of certain businesses began on May 18, 2020. Non-essential businesses can open with stringent capacity and safety rules in place. 

While designated businesses will be permitted to open, they are not required to open. Furthermore, if current conditions change, this date may be moved out. Once we move into the Yellow flag phase, if we experience a surge in cases, we may be required to return to the Orange flag phase. Should this happen, we will communicate this to the community with adequate time to prepare prior to the effective date.

Points in bold MUST be followed; other recommendations are strongly suggested.

Color Identification System

The color flag identification system below will be used to communicate each day where we are on the continuum of the New Normal. Depending upon the situation, we may take intermediate steps between these phases, but knowing what color phase we are in will help you navigate your activities.

Personal Protective Equipment

Miami-Dade County will make every effort to ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) is available for purchase by businesses and commercial establishments who cannot access supplies. This does not include establishments included in Emergency Order 03-20, other than restaurants, Emergency Order 09-20 and Emergency Order 15-20. Decisions will be made in the coming weeks regarding moving to the next phases of re-opening and communicated with adequate time to prepare.

General Guidelines

Emergency Order 20-20 was originally implemented at 11:59 p.m. on April 9, 2020. This Emergency Order is the guiding order for all residents and businesses and promulgates requirements that are in place regardless of where you visit.

General Reopening Guidelines

Mayor's Emergency Orders

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Stay Safe

Social Distancing
Facial Covering

Wash your hands