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Swimming Pools

Amendment 1 to Emergency Order 23-20 (HTML version) allowed swimming pools to reopen on June 1, 2020.

This included the pools at Goulds Park, A.D. Barnes Park and Oak Grove Park. 

If a particular commercial establishment supports multiple business lines, only those permitted to operate may be opened in any particular phase. Points in bold MUST be followed; other recommendations are strongly suggested. While designated businesses will be permitted to open, they are not required to open.

As you prepare to reopen your establishment, please consider these examples of general safeguarding guidelines for reopening. All guidelines are categorized by workforce protection measures, employee protection measures, non-employee (or customer) protection measures, business process adaptations, employer-led public health interventions and industry-wide safeguards.

For the most up to date changes, see the latest Emergency Orders and Amendments.

Send a question or a suggestion about the New Normal Guide to new-normal@miamidade.gov.

Workforce and Visitor Protections

  • Situate hand sanitizing stations and/or disinfectant wipes around the pool deck area and in public restrooms
  • Establish a one-way flow into and out of the pool deck if there is a single entry/exit point, complemented by directional tape and personnel to monitor
  • Place additional fans or other ventilation systems to assist in directing air circulation away from guest or employee areas
  • If they have been removed, place lifesaving equipment (life ring and safety hook) back on the pool deck in an easily seen and accessible spot.
  • Deep clean prior to open (e.g., pool furniture, gate latches, handrails, lifesaving equipment)

Business Process Adaptions

  • Designate one or more individuals to be responsible for reviewing and ensuring daily pool safety
  • Place clear markings on the floors and other areas to ensure guests follow social distancing guidelines/spacing (including bathrooms)
  • Remove chairs and lounge chairs on the pool deck to achieve appropriate (i.e. at least six feet) spacing between guests
  • Place bins outside of four feet pool wet deck
  • For pool bars, remove bar stools and chairs, mark spacing distances, and place barriers between guest and employees to ensure six feet distancing
  • Enable all entry gates to pool area and doors to self-close and self-latch
  • Ensure vacuum port covers are installed
  • Remove any solar blankets from pool
  • Check handrails, ladders, diving boards, etc. to ensure they are securely installed
  • Ensure pool recirculation pump is set to run at least three hours before the pool opens to three hours after the pool is closed (24 hours/day for vacuum DE filters)

Public Health Interventions

  • Provide training to employees on: (i) personal protective equipment and how to properly dispose them; (ii) how to detect symptoms of the virus; (iii) procedures to follow in case an infection is confirmed
  • Place signage in several high visibility areas around the pool noting the social distancing policies that are in effect for all persons on the pool deck and in the pool; use visual or infographics educational material provided by CDC and DOH on this issue
  • Ensure pool rules sign is posted and easily visible from all areas of the pool
  • Clean or back wash filters to remove any build-up of dirt or debris
  • Ensure anti-entrapment devices are installed and working properly

County Pools

Miami-Dade Parks reopened pools on June 1. Additional parks have reopened pools.
Note: Pools are open for public swim Monday - Saturday from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. Some pools have extended hours.

Rules for County pools reopening:
  • Maximum of 18 swimmers permitted per session, nine max allowed at a splash pad, plus limited lane swimming if the pool facilitates that type of swimming activity.
  • Six feet of social distancing requirements between individuals not from the same household in all areas, including in the water.
  • There will be hand sanitizer stations at pool entrances
  • Both staff and park/pool patrons will be screened prior to entering
    • Questions following CDC COVID-19 screening recommendations 
    • Temperature checks will be administered to all staff and patrons entering the pool area
  • Face coverings are required to be worn during screening and in all Rest Rooms and Changing Areas
  • Face coverings are to be worn on deck areas in situations where social distancing is not possible
  • Face coverings are not required while in the water
  • Patrons are encouraged to arrive and leave in bathing attire because changing areas are limited

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