Metrobus fleet earns award for its compressed natural gas vehicles
September 18, 2020 — Transportation & Public Works


Miami-Dade County was named one of the recipients of the 2020 Government Green Fleet Award by 100 Best Fleets. The Government Green Fleet Award, which is open to all federal, state and local government fleets in North America, evaluates nominees based on the following categories:

  • Fleet composition
  • Fuel and emissions
  • Policy and planning
  • Fleet utilization
  • Education
  • Executive and employee involvement
  • Supporting programs

The Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) received its first compressed natural gas (CNG) bus in January of 2018. Today, Miami-Dade Transit riders can enjoy a more comfortable and quiet ride onboard one of the County’s 420 CNG Metrobuses. DTPW is working towards adding another 140 CNG buses, which would bring the total number of CNG vehicles to 560, approximately three quarters of the entire Metrobus fleet.

By adding new CNG buses, the County is reducing petroleum consumption and emissions while achieving significant fuel cost savings.

Also, the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) is receiving Renewal Fuels Standard Credit through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) providing the County additional fuel cost savings for its Metrobus fleet.

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