Venom Response

Fire Rescue maintains the largest and only antivenom bank for public use in the United States and provides antivenom to hospitals in the tri-county area, but also deploys antivenom via emergent shipping to out-of-area hospitals. If you have a snake, Africanized honey bee or large or small animal emergency or nuisance, 911 will dispatch the Venom Response Team. 

The Venom Response Team will identify snakes you have seen in your yard or house via text, email photos and by phone, and will recover and relocate harmless, venomous and non-native snakes. The team will respond to Africanized honey bee emergency stinging events and mitigate swarms when possible.

In the event that a large or small animal is in an emergency situation, such as a small animal having fallen into a drain, the team will intervene primarily for public safety and to prevent injuries.

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