Contracting Opportunities

There are several different ways to search current solicitations for contract opportunities.

You can search by Solicitation, which allows you to search by solicitation number, type, title or date. Search by BidSync to search for Goods & Services and Architectural & Engineering contracts issued through BidSync. You can also search by Pre-Qualification Pool for spot market purchases. Finally, search solicitations by Commodity.

Check out additional opportunities offered by various County departments that are not found in the interactive e-procurement system. Also, take a look at the future solicitations. The documents are drafts of planned solicitations and are subject to change. The documents are available for viewing for a two-week period and will then be removed.

Advance Notice to Waive Competition
The Advance Notice to Waive Competition is designed to inform the supplier community and the public that Miami-Dade County intends to enter into a non-competitive contract (known as a bid waiver or sole source) to purchase a product or service.

Civil and Probate Courthouse Project
This report provides a detailed analysis of the needs of the Civil and Probate Courts in the context of pressing spatial and functional issues related to the historic Dade County Courthouse in Downtown Miami.