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Physicians Responsibility in Death Certification & Reporting

Certain deaths must be brought to the attention of the Medical Examiner. These include violent deaths, trauma cases, burns, and deaths occurring suddenly while the patient is in apparent good health. In a hospital setting, some categories are particularly difficult to assess. We offer guidelines here for administrative and medical staff.

  • Physician's online tutorial for completing cause of death on the Florida Death Record

    The Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics, in cooperation with the Florida Medical Association and the Florida Association of Medical Examiners, has developed an online tutorial for physicians. This tutorial provides an overview of the death registration process in Florida and how to go about properly completing the medical information on the death record.

    This complimentary tutorial takes about one hour to complete and provides:

    • sample case histories
    • an explanation of the physician, the medical examiner, and the funeral director's responsibilities in getting death records filed
    • how mortality data is used
    • why the death record is so important to families
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