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Tomeka Ladson



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Practice Areas

    Tort Liability & Medical Malpractice

    The Tort Liability & Medical Malpractice Section defends the County against personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits. Litigation involves a wide array of issues, including alleged medical negligence at Florida's largest hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital; claims arising from the use of County recreational facilities and departments; and claims arising from the operations of various County departments, including the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Police Department. The Torts Section is one of the largest practice groups in the County Attorney's Office, and attorneys from the Section appear regularly in court for hearings and trials.

The following are attorneys who specialize in this practice area:

Keri Bagala

Sabrina Brooks Levin

Hecter Concepcion-Stowes

Sarah E. Davis

Gregory d'Incelli

Daniel Frastai

Benjamin A. Gellis

Evan Grob

Jennifer L. Hochstadt

Korissa Lepore

Bruce Libhaber

Laura M. Llorente

Marlon D. Moffett

Joseph T. Murray III

Bernie Pastor

Ashlee A. Pouncy

Hunter Pratt

Audrey Pumariega

Nicole Ramos Barreau

Richard Schevis

David Sherman

Benjamin D. Simon

Shannon D. Summerset-Williams

Rachel Walters