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Public Housing Citizen Participation

Through the formation of citizen organizations, residents are empowered to effectively speak directly on behalf of their interests and views within their immediate areas and within the broader community while working together to reach solutions to problems.

Miami-Dade Public Housing and Community Development has adopted the Citizen’s Participation Plan and Guidelines which outlines the methods used in the development, from a public input process, of the Five Year Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plans, the CAPER and Substantial Amendments inclusive of strategies employed by Miami-Dade County that provides for maximum citizen participation in the development of these plans.

Each Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area Community Advisory Committee is composed of 13 elected representatives from the designated county target areas. Members and Officers of the PHCD Community Advisory Committee are elected for 3-year terms.

The Advisory Committee participates in program planning, monitoring, and evaluation of activities and programs within its community. In the performance of this duty the Advisory Committee will:

  • Provide an opportunity for residents to identify needs or problems in their community as they relate to Department's missions.
  • Encourage residents to propose viable solutions to identified needs and problems in their community as they relate to Department's missions.
  • Elicit the recommendation and set program or neighborhood priorities from the Target Area residents.
  • Review the progress of activities within the Target Area.
Enhance community input in planning Section 3 Programs and compliance activities and increase community participation in Section 3 economic activities geared toward Section 3 residents and businesses by placing Section 3 items on monthly meeting agendas for discussion.