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Professional Compliance Bureau

18805 NW 27th Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Fax: 305-627-7130 
Major: George A. Perez

The Internal Affairs Section has as its major function the receiving, processing, and investigation of complaints made against members of the Department. To ensure the public trust and maintain the Department’s integrity, the Bureau conducts immediate, objective, and thorough investigations of all complaints. It is essential that all allegations of police misconduct are thoroughly and objectively investigated to assure the public that official police misconduct will not be tolerated and, at the same time, provide a process whereby officers unjustly accused can be vindicated. Complaints may be submitted anonymously by letter or email.

Miami-Dade Police Department's Professional Compliance Bureau Brochure (Español) (Kreyòl)

Public Corruption and Criminal Conspiracy Sections

1701 NW 87th Ave.
Suite 100
Doral, FL 33172
Phone: 305-599-3121
Fax: 305-591-0331

The Public Corruption and Criminal Conspiracy Sections (PCS) (CCS) of the Miami-Dade Police Department is responsible for investigating acts of criminal misconduct involving public officials, County employees, police officers, lobbyists, and private vendors conducting business with Miami-Dade County. In accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, the PCS and CCS strive to promote integrity and lawful conduct within Miami-Dade County government, and to fulfill our commitment to the citizens of Miami-Dade County, which is "Delivering Excellence Every Day."

Juan J. Perez, Director

Fred Taylor Miami-Dade Police Headquarters
9105 NW 25th Street, Doral, FL 33172