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Seaport Operations Bureau

1001 N. America Way
Suite 101
Miami, FL  33132
Phone: 305-329-4059
Fax: 305-329-4026
Email: [email protected]
Major: Sergio M. Alvarez

The Seaport Operations Bureau maintains a full-time, dedicated staff of sworn law enforcement personnel permanently assigned to PortMiami (PM). The Seaport Operations Bureau provides regular uniformed police services such as responding to calls for service, traffic control, routine patrol, terminal and facility security, and random police security checkpoints in response to the changes in MARSEC (MARitime SECurity) levels.

General Investigations Unit

  • Has the primary responsibility of ensuring the complete and accurate investigation of offenses occurring at PortMiami
  • The investigation of offenses occurring on vessels while at sea, which have been deferred by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Coordinates investigations with Federal, state and local partners

Auto Theft Task Force

  • Has the primary responsibility for investigating all auto thefts and vehicle burglaries within PortMiami
  • Is responsible for investigation of all cases relating to the exportation of stolen vehicles through PortMiami and PortMiami River
  • Responsible for the inspection of all vehicles being exported through PortMiami and PortMiami River
  • Coordinates the Auto Theft Task Force, a function that is supported by MDPD District Auto Theft detectives in collaboration with local, state, and Federal partners

Harbor Patrol Unit

  • Enforces maritime laws in the inland waterways and shipping channels surrounding PortMiami
  • Inspects vessels
  • Renders assistance and works with other agencies at PortMiami to include, US Coast Guard, US Customs and Border Protection and local municipalities
  • Conducts dive operations at PortMiami

Canine Unit

  • Conducts explosive searches and sweeps
  • Routinely patrols the passenger terminals and cargo areas
  • Assists manpower units in handling calls for service

Motorcycle Unit

  • The Motorcycle Unit officers are responsible for performing traffic enforcement related duties at PortMiami from their assigned marked police vehicles and assigned motorcycles
  • Conducting daily and specialized traffic enforcement operations within the Bureau’s geographic boundaries or as directed by Bureau supervisors
  • Support and enhancement of Seaport Operation Bureau security and operations as directed by bureau supervisors and command staff.

Incident Containment Team (ICT)

The primary goal of ICT is to enhance the overall safety and security of PortMiami, its employees and the traveling public. The mission of ICT is to provide the immediate response to a threat, actual terrorist incident, or major criminal event.