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Safer People, Safer Streets

  • The Safer People, Safer Streets vision is to provide a more livable Miami-Dade through the realization of healthier, safer streets accommodating all modes of transportation. The goal of the LAT report is to create an action plan that reduces pedestrian and bicycle crashes and encourages more biking, walking and transit use by achieving Safer People and Safer Streets in Miami-Dade. The outcome desired is a measurable reduction in bicycle and pedestrian crashes countywide.

    Plan goals include:

    1. Adopting a "Vision Zero" policy that sets the goal of zero pedestrian and bicycle deaths.
    2. Making texting while driving a primary offense to help increase enforcement.
    3. Realizing the County's Greenway Master plan of building 500 miles of connected bike trails.
    4. Facilitating a culture shift within transportation planning that places a higher value on pedestrian and bicycling needs.
    5. Creating a Safety Innovation program to implement new safety strategies using technology.
    6. Developing "Complete Streets" guidelines to help engineers and planners put moving people above moving cars.
    7. Launching a Miami-specific education and enforcement campaign cautioning drivers to consider all users of the road.