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We are strongly encouraging our tax payers and customers to conduct any Tax Collector business transactions including Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle website to access services to replace or renew vehicle, vessel or mobile home registrations and obtain a paper title instead of visiting our Public Service Office in person.

Motor vehicles, vessels, mobile homes and trailers are issued registrations to prove that license taxes and fees for the current registration period have been paid.

The registered owner of a vehicle must carry proof of registration, including:

  • License plate
  • Decal
  • Registration certificate

A certificate of title is the proof of ownership to a motor vehicle in the state of Florida. Most vehicles are required to be titled. The exceptions are mopeds, motorized bicycles and trailers weighing less than 2,000 pounds.

When you purchase a new motor vehicle, bring a motor vehicle into the state, or at any time the ownership of the motor vehicle changes, you must transfer ownership into your name.

To obtain a title, an owner must submit an application for title, all required documents and fees by mail or in person at the Office of the Tax Collector or an authorized private tag agency. Upon completion, a certificate of title will be mailed to the titleholder.  

A printed title provided to the customer in an expedited manner is referred to as a fast title and must be requested in person. It will be issued and printed the same day. There is an additional fee for fast title service. Fast titles may be obtained by visiting our public service office or an authorized private tag agency.

Trailers weighing 2,000 or more must be titled. If weight is not on the title or paperwork, the trailer must be weighed by the Florida Department of Transportation.

For more information about vehicle titles, visit the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

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