Register and Renew Your Burglar Alarm

Residential, business and commercial alarm systems must be registered with us, and renewed every year, if they are monitored, or if they have flashing lights, sirens, or anything else that causes the police to provide services. 

If there has been a change to the information you provided during registration or renewal, you must notify us within 10 days.

Vehicles do not need to be registered unless they are permanently located at one location.

To maximize service and response time:

  • Make sure your house numbers are easily visible from the street, day and night.
  • If you have an address that is difficult to find, be sure to give specific directions to your alarm monitoring company and make a note of it on your registration form.
  • Have a current list of at least two emergency contacts on file with the False Alarm Enforcement Unit.
  • Request that your alarm company contacts two phone numbers on the contact list prior to calling the police.

Phone Number(s)

Email / Mail