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Register and Renew Your Burglar Alarm

Residential, business and commercial alarm systems must be registered with us, and renewed every year, if they are monitored, or if they have flashing lights, sirens, or anything else that causes the police to provide services. 

If there has been a change to the information you provided during registration or renewal, you must notify us within 10 days.

Vehicles do not need to be registered unless they are permanently located at one location.

To maximize service and response time:

  • Make sure your house numbers are easily visible from the street, day and night.
  • If you have an address that is difficult to find, be sure to give specific directions to your alarm monitoring company and make a note of it on your registration form.
  • Have a current list of at least two emergency contacts on file with the False Alarm Enforcement Unit.
  • Request that your alarm company contacts two phone numbers on the contact list prior to calling the police.
  • Registration

    For any burglar alarm system not currently registered with us, you must complete and submit an Alarm Permit Registration Form, renew annually, and pay the appropriate fee.

    • Registration fee: $25 for all alarm registrations
    • Renewal fee: $15 if the burglar alarm system had no false burglar alarms requiring police dispatch during the prior registration period.
  • Alarm Companies and Alarm Installers

    Alarm Companies

    In an effort to reduce false alarms, alarm companies are required, by law, to take the following proactive measures:

    • Alarm monitoring companies must attempt to verify every alarm signal before requesting dispatch.
      This means when your alarm is activated and your monitoring company gets the signal, they will try to call the location to cancel the alarm. If contact is made and the proper pass code is given, police services will not be required. Hold-ups, ambushes, panic, silent duress, robberies and special medical alarms are exempt from verification prior to emergency dispatch requirements and these types of dispatches cannot be cancelled.
    • If it is determined that an alarm signal is false, the alarm monitoring company must immediately attempt to cancel the emergency dispatch within 10 minutes.
      False alarm response fines will not be charged for alarm calls cancelled prior to the arrival of emergency responders. This means your monitoring company must call us for the cancellation. The cancellation must come from your monitoring company and will not be accepted from any other source.

    Alarm Installers

    Responsibilities of the Alarm Installer:

    • Provide users with a registration form and burglar alarm brochure.
    • Provide a current copy of the installer's state license to the Miami-Dade Police Department's False Alarm Enforcement Unit (FAEU).
    • Provide any user records to us when requested.
    • Retain written proof of notification to customers of their requirement to register with FAEU.
    • Provide an Installation Certificate which certifies that:
      • The system meets or exceeds installation standards.
      • All persons responsible for the operation of the system have been fully trained on its proper use.
      • The alarm user has been informed of the ordinance's requirements.
    • Inform the FAEU of any change in company mailing address and/or phone numbers within 10 days.
    • Notify the FAEU in writing when there is a takeover or change in ownership.

    It is the responsibility of any licensed person selling and/or monitoring any alarm system to provide the user with the registration form and the Burglar Alarm Ordinance Information form. The registration form shall include name, address and State of Florida burglar alarm contractor's license number as required on the registration form.

    An alarm company may not charge a customer a fee, other than the required registration fee, to register any alarm system with Miami-Dade County. A copy of the current and valid contractor's license must be on file with us.

  • False Alarms

    A false alarm occurs when a signal from your burglar alarm system is met with a response by the police when no emergency or threat of a crime actually occurred.

    Responding to false alarms can consume thousands of personnel hours at a cost to taxpayers and place the safety of citizens truly in need of law enforcement response in jeopardy. 

    • After two false alarms within the registration/renewal year: $50
    • After three false alarms within the registration/renewal year: $100
    • After four false alarms within the registration/renewal year: $200
    • Each additional false alarm within the registration/renewal year: $200

    An alarm user shall not be fined more than $200 for false alarms that occur at the same premises in any 24-hour period.

    Additional fines and penalties

    • Failure to register an alarm system, first offense: $50
    • Failure to register an alarm system, second and each additional offense: $100
    • Violation of alarm company responsibilities: $100
    • Clerk of Courts surcharge for all fines: $10

    Alarm users will be placed on "No Response" status and police services will be suspended:

    • If the civil violation fine for non-registration is unpaid after 30 days of issuance.
    • If the civil violation fine for false alarms is unpaid after 60 days of issuance.
    • After the sixth false alarm in one annual registration period.

    Police services will resume when outstanding fines are paid and users become compliant.

    False alarm fines may be appealed to the Clerk of the Court within 20 days of the issuance of the citation.

    False Alarm Classes

    Classes are available to educate alarm system users on provisions of the False Alarm Ordinance and proper maintenance and use of their alarm systems. 

    Call to learn how you can benefit from false alarm classes.

  • False Alarm Appeals

    An alarm is not false if the alarm user proves that:

    • The alarm was activated based upon a reasonable belief that an emergency or actual or threatened criminal activity requiring immediate response existed.
    • The alarm was activated by lightning or an electrical surge that caused physical damage to the system.
      (requires testimony from a licensed alarm system contractor who conducted an on-site inspection and personally observed the damage to the system)
    • There was a power outage of four or more hours, causing the alarm to activate upon restoration of power.
      (requires written documentation by Florida Power & Light or other applicable provider)

    Additionally, an Alarm Dispatch Request that is canceled by the alarm monitoring company prior to the arrival of emergency responders is not considered a false alarm.

    When considering whether to file an appeal of a false alarm assessment, please note that the following will be considered false alarms by the Administrative Officer assigned by the Clerk of the Court hearing the case:

    • Faulty, defective or malfunctioning equipment supplied by the alarm business
    • Improper installation or maintenance by the alarm business
    • Improper monitoring by the alarm business
    • Alarm activations, which occur while alarm technicians are repairing, servicing or testing the alarm system
    • An occurrence where no evidence of criminal activity is present
    • Mistakes made by private contractors, maids, cleaning crews, realtors, etc.
    • Improper maintenance of the alarm system by the alarm owner (including neglect of backup power/battery supplies)
    • Items within the home or business which move and cause motion detectors to activate, i.e., curtains, signs, balloons, plants, pets, etc.
    • Glass break detectors, which activate due to noises or sounds other than actual glass breakage
    • Doors and/or windows that become loose and cause a break in the contacts, which activate the alarm
    • Caretakers who watch homes or businesses when owners are away
    • Pets, rodents, wildlife

    This list is intended as a guide to assist you in deciding whether to appeal a false alarm assessment or to contact your alarm company for further discussion. It is not intended to cover every situation where an appeal may be denied.

    Cases involving crimes or criminal attempts will be heard if the incident was documented within 10 business days of the activation.

    We may request a written statement or report from a registered alarm company representative, which details the reasons for the false alarm.

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