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Mosquito Inspections and Surveillance

Site inspections of residential and commercial properties are conducted in response to requests made by calling 311 or made electronically via the 311Direct website or the 311Direct mobile application. Inspections are usually conducted within 5 business days, depending on the time of year and the demand for services. During the particularly busy months associated with peak mosquito season, inspections may take longer than the 5-day timeframe due to the increased number of requests.

Some mosquito species deposit their eggs into water-holding containers found around the home and the resulting adult mosquitoes bite. Our inspectors carefully check the yard of the individual who requested the inspection in search of any type of container that is holding water and possibly containing mosquito larvae or pupae. When mosquito breeding is found, the containers are emptied, removing the source of the problem.

Insecticide may be used to treat large containers, such as swimming pools that are found to be housing mosquitoes. Alternatively, our inspectors may release mosquito larvae-eating Gambusia fish into abandoned swimming pools or outdoor spas and hot tubs. If adult mosquitoes are present during inspection, properties are sprayed using portable spray equipment in an attempt to kill flying adult mosquitoes.

Our team of inspectors are equipped with technology that enables them to report their findings in real time. The system directly interfaces with the 311 communications system, enabling a prompt email response to the individual who requested the inspection.

Mosquito Control relies on the data extracted from the more than 320 mosquito traps set throughout the County, as well as the volume of resident requests for services. Truck spray treatments are not performed upon request, but instead rely on this data to control container-breeding invasive species, as well as native species from the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park.

We now post areas that are scheduled to receive truck-mounted adulticiding in an effort to reduce adult mosquitoes on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please note treatments are done time and weather permitting. More information.

Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control inspectors and contractors can be identified by the following: