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Training & Development

The Strategic Procurement Department provides training and support resources for the County’s procurement professionals as well as vendors that are interested in doing business with the County. Training programs are designed to:
  • Provide procurement professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement sound procurement practices, ensure ethical behaviors, enhance efficiencies, and develop capabilities in support of the County’s procurement activities.
  • Assist vendors in becoming aware of the County’s procurement opportunities, processes, and programs that may help them to succeed. 
Procurement Academy
The Strategic Procurement Department is committed to a structured education and training program to ensure that the County’s procurement professionals are competent, trained and qualified. Our training program is designed to provide a better understanding of how the procurement processes work and to enhance skill development.

Vendor Academy
The Strategic Procurement Department is dedicated to ensuring that vendors understand the County’s procurement processes as this will enhance participation in contracting opportunities and interface with the INFORMS eSupplier Portal. We rely on vendors to provide quality goods and services at competitive prices and are obliged to provide them with information for participation in our procurement processes.

The Strategic Procurement Department’s goal is to help you to be successful as a procurement professional, competitive selection committee member or vendor.

Training Resources

Procurement Academy