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Authorized Branch Auto Tag Agency Fees

Additional service fees at Authorized Branch Auto Tag Agencies.

Motor Vehicles and Vessels

Issuance, transfer, replacement of license plate and/or decal and registration certificate including Temporary Operational Permit Duplicate or corrected registration certificate Application for Assignation of Lien or Notice of Lien - without title transfer
Fee: $7.00

Application for original or transfer Certificate of Title (all types, including lien recordings, verifications, all necessary forms, notarizations, sales tax collection or exemption), Certificate of Destruction and Certificate of Repossession
Fee: $25.00

Application for duplicate title(s)
Fee: $11.00

Verification of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)/Vessel Hull Identification Number (HIN) by Notary Public for out-of-state vehicles/vessels.
Fee: $11.00


Verification of ownership, lien, tag, decal information not included in title application
Fee: $6.00

Preparation of affidavits or forms and notarization related to motor vehicle or vessel registrations not included in title application
Fee: $4.00

Photocopies of documents pertaining to motor vehicles and vessels
Fee: $3.00

Collection of sales tax when not included in title
Fee: $3.00

Fast Title Service (additional fee)
Fee: $15.00

Disabled Persons Parking Placards
Fee: $4.00

Note: Any charges by Branch Auto Tag Agencies other than the above-listed fees are to be clearly marked on the original receipt.