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The Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Program

The SMART Program is advancing five rapid transit corridors that will expand and enhance Miami-Dade County’s public transit infrastructure. It is the implementation of a vision for our region that is both strategic and far-reaching, creating a system of multiple transportation options by leveraging existing infrastructure, and integrating technology at the highest levels.

The program is comprehensive, proactive and supports the future population and employment growth anticipated in our region.

Connecting our communities through the enhancement of a rapid transit network that is accessible, integrated, efficient and sustainable.

Deliver a high-quality transit network throughout Miami-Dade County through an innovative, coordinated, and cost-effective approach that reflects community needs.

The SMART Program must provide enhanced affordable modal options that reduce congestion and help manage growth while effectively and appropriately aligning funding for capital, operating and infrastructure improvements with a defined, implementable strategy.