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Juan Fernandez-Barquin
Clerk of the Court and Comptroller
Miami-Dade County

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Prior to conducting any lobbying, each principal or principal representative retaining a lobbyist must create an online account and select a registered lobbyist from the list of registered lobbyists. The principal must describe the specific issue, agenda item or procurement matter that is the subject of the lobbying, and identify all persons holding, directly or indirectly, a five (5) percent or more ownership interest in the corporation, partnership, or trust.

The principal and the lobbyist must also submit a joint affidavit stating that the principal has not offered and the lobbyist has not agreed to accept any contingency or success fees as defined in Code.

Any principal who only appears as a representative of a certified Micro Enterprise, as a representative of a certified Level I Community Small Business Enterprise, or as a representative of a certified Tier 1 Community Business Enterprise, without special compensation or reimbursement for the appearance, whether direct, indirect or contingent, to express support of or opposition to any item, shall register with the Clerk as required; but upon request, shall not be required to pay any registration fees.

Each principal shall be responsible for updating their account at the point in time at which a lobbyist is no longer authorized to represent the principal.

Failure of a principal to file the required forms may be considered in the evaluation of a bid or proposal as evidence that a proposer or bidder is not a responsible contractor.

** This option is available only for registered Principals.