Contactless payment is available on Metrobus and Metrorail

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Pay this way! Riders can pay directly at Metrorail fare gates and Metrobus fare boxes using their contactless-enabled bank cards or digital wallets.

Payment includes a fare-capping feature, which guarantees a maximum cost of $5.65 per day for unlimited rides on Metrorail.

The benefits of using a contactless payment method include:

  • It's easy to use! There's no need to figure out what type of fare product to buy or register for an account. Simply tap and go.
  • It saves time! There's no need to stand in line at a ticket vending machine to buy a ticket.
  • It's flexible! Choose how you want to pay. Use your contactless-enabled bank card or your digital wallet.
  • It's a great value! You'll receive the great benefit of fare-capping while maintaining the flexibility to pay as you ride.

EASY cards and tickets will continue to be accepted.

Contactless payment

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