MDEAT Youth Services

Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust’s Youth Services Division is on a mission to transform the lives of young people by cultivating opportunities for youth to develop into responsible citizens and increase their upward mobility. The division aims to increase youth exposure to lucrative and emerging career pathways through youth empowerment, leadership development and civic engagement.

MDEAT Youth Division has operated the Miami-Dade County Teen Court program for over 23 years. Miami-Dade County’s Teen Court is part of a national network of teen and peer courts and the largest chapter in the state. This second chance youth diversion initiative has provided more than 8,000 youth an opportunity to correct their wrongs and aided in maintaining Miami-Dade County’s less than 4 percent juvenile recidivism rate. Program participants are trained and connected to over 100 mentors that maintain good standing with the Florida Bar Association. Those bar members assist with the Teen Court hearing and training process.

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