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Information for Vendors


We are pleased to announce the County has implemented INFORMS to provide online bidding services for our suppliers and contractors.

How to do Business with the County

Doing business with the County is now easier than ever. We've streamlined our operations, simplified our procedures and documentation, and brought in some of the best purchasing professionals available. Please contact us at 305-375-5773 for questions about our services.

Online Vendor Registration

In order to enter into a contract with Miami-Dade County a firm must be fully registered. Complete a new registration application and maintain your company's profile online.

Vendor Insurance

Vendors must have the appropriate insurance in order to be awarded a County contract. Vendors must submit their insurance certificate(s) within 10 business days of notification by Procurement staff of a recommendation for award. Awarded vendors are required to maintain the appropriate insurance coverage throughout the term of the contract. Please note that this is for information only. You do not have to send in a certificate of insurance at this time.

Procurement Liaisons

To deal directly with the department with which you plan to do business, contact the department's procurement liaison.

Vendor Payments

Miami-Dade County offers a payment option that will expedite County payments to your organization via Automatic Clearing House transfers, instead of the issuance and mailing of a County check.