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About Animal Services

Our mission is to save the lives of abandoned animals in our care, protect animals from cruelty, reunite lost pets with their owners, protect people and pets in our community from health-related issues and ensure the public's safety.

Aside from our lifesaving mission, we also enforce Chapter 5 of the Miami-Dade County Code and Florida Statute 828 (which deals primarily with animal cruelty issues).

Our activities include licensing, enforcing rabies vaccination requirements, spay and neuter services, vaccination services for pets, protecting the public from stray and dangerous dogs, promoting animal adoption and public education, and investigating animal cruelty cases.

Lifesaving Mission

In 2015, Miami-Dade County Animal Services first achieved its lifesaving goal of saving greater than 90 percent of animals entering the shelter. This is a testament to the incredible hard work of the shelter team every day and the addition of new lifesaving programs to include partnerships with rescue organizations, improved pet welfare, foster programs, offsite adoption events, surrender prevention and more.

Animal Statistics

The Miami-Dade Animal Services Department encourages the public to view our annual animal statistics information, which shows shelter population based on the Asilomar Accords and other methods for calculating the number of animal lives that are saved.

In August 2004, a group of animal welfare industry leaders from around the nation convened at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California to build bridges across varying philosophies, develop relationships and establish goals focused on reducing the euthanasia of healthy and treatable companion animals in the United States. The Asilomar Accords established record-keeping and reporting standards for data associated with shelter animals. To help increase life-saving opportunities, Miami-Dade Animal Services has created a variety of new programs aimed at achieving the highest save rates in the history of the department.

Public Record Requests

Georgina C. Vargas
Public Records Custodian
Animal Services
3599 NW 79th Avenue
Doral, FL 33122

[email protected]
This information may also be found next to the reception desk in the lobby of the Pet Adoption and Protection Center.

Miami-Dade County now has a new public records management tool that allows you to request and track its status online. Create a new account or log in to submit and see updates to your public records requests.


Thank you to our grantors who support our commitment to save the lives of tens of thousands of dogs and cats every year.

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