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Northwest 7th Avenue Corridor Community Redevelopment Agency

In 2004, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a redevelopment plan and created a trust fund for the creation of the Northwest 7th Avenue Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), also known as Uptown Avenue 7.

The Mission of the Uptown Avenue 7 CRA is to:

  • Reposition Northwest 7th Avenue as a major regional employment center.
  • Support the growth and expansion of existing businesses in the CRA.
  • Support development of new business in the CRA.
  • Provide training and increased employment opportunities for residents of northwest Miami-Dade.
  • Redevelop the 7th Avenue corridor, supporting a mix of business, residential and commercial opportunities within the CRA.

Meeting Calendar

Naranja Lakes CRA Meeting Calendar
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Miami-Dade County Commissioner(s)

  • Hon. Marleine Bastien, District 2

Northwest 7th Avenue CRA Board Members

  • Daniella Pierre, Chairwoman
  • Jeffy Mondesir,  Vice-Chairman
  • Gene Lomando
  • Linnon Latham
  • Nadeige Theresias-Joisil